Music Monday

Well, I did expect the wave of "what have I done" to hit me hard eventually. As much as I feel great for sharing what I've been through with shyness and for reading your reactions to it, I feel physically and emotionally exhausted from the attention. Like, I just want to hide in a hole and pretend it didn't happen. Silly introversion.

Instead, I'll drown in music and share some of my favorites as of late:

This is the song I listened to in junior high to help me keep my chin up.
I was trying to find Death's Song on Soundcloud, but this is pretty good, too.
I wish I could find the real deal, but this works. The instrumentals are beautiful, and his voice is slightly breathy and soothing.
I love this song. So glad I found it.
I haven't listened to a Death Cab song until recently, and I really like them. Particularly this one: 
Another good alternative tune. 
I like this one a lot. It's different, but good. 
Another lovely voice.